Well, known worldwide Chef, Wolfgang Puck was at Macy’s Summerlin on Saturday to demonstrate some of his favorite recipes.  It was a pleasure to interview the Chef. He actually went to the farmers market to buy a lot of the ingredients for the demonstration on Saturday.  Read More  




Throughout Chinese history, people have celebrated Lunar New Year with auspicious foods that are rich with symbolic meaning and are thought to attract good fortune in the coming year.  "A unique and top notch - Vegas Scene Experience to say the least. The venue is like no other, an inviting, relaxing and zen atmosphere - conveniently located below the club for easy access to Hakkasan club. Vegas Scene Give this dining experience 5 stars! Eat a nice meal and relax after at a high class club.-Vegas Scene Magazine."

Gordon Ramsay experiences the Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters 

Gordon Ramsay experiences the Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters Las Vegas Strip flight of Gordon Ramsay with the helicopter. Afterward, he went to Exotics Racing. He recorded a 54.90 lap time in the crimson red Ferrari 488 GTB, known for its high performance, extreme power and top speed of 205 mph. He was thrilled when he realized he beat Zac Efron’s time of 55.90. (He didn’t beat Mario Andretti’s time: 52.29).